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FAQ Topics
What changes when I switch?
When you switch to Gulf Electricity, the only thing that changes is the supply portion of your bill. Our service comes right through your existing power lines, delivered by your current utility. No interruptions, no billing changes (besides a great Gulf rate!), no additional hassle.
What types of plans does Gulf Electricity offer?
We offer fixed residential and commercial rates, so you can lock in a plan with confidence. We offer traditional energy plans in all of our states which meet or exceed all state minimum renewable energy requirements, and in some states we offer Gulf Green energy plans which contain 100% renewable energy.
What is a recalculation fee?
Recalculation will occur when customers who are currently on Fixed Basic Service in Massachusetts or Standard Offer Service in Rhode Island switch to Gulf Electricity. This means that your bill for the current contract period during which you were on the fixed rate program will be recalculated as if you were on the monthly variable rate. This adjustment may be a credit or a debit and will be reflected on your first bill after the switch is effective. Please contact your electric distribution utility for more information regarding the charges or credits that may result from the recalculation of your bill.
Why do electricity rates fluctuate?
Electricity rates fluctuate based on market conditions. If you enrolled in a higher rate than what we are currently offering it is because you received high cost power in the prior month(s) of your term. Gulf purchases your power at the time you enroll so if you enroll when the market price is low, you will receive an equally low rate and vice versa. When you sign a contract with a supplier such as Gulf you are signing a contract for them to buy your power supply at that specified price.
Who do I call if I lose power?
If you lose power or experience any service disruptions, you still contact your utility provider.
What happens when I move?
If you move, simply notify us that you are moving and arrange for a final meter reading to be taken. If you move to a new home within our service area, you can transfer your existing electricity account to your new account.
What exactly is deregulation?
Electricity deregulation started in the late 1990s as an attempt to restructure the electricity industry. Before deregulation occurred, utility companies controlled both the production and distribution of electricity. Since deregulation, consumers can choose their electricity supplier.
Will my rate change?
Gulf Electricity offers fixed rate plans only, so the price of your electricity supply won't change for the duration of your term. No surprises here!
Why don't you offer variable rates?
To avoid price volatility, we only offer fixed rate supply options. This allows you to lock in a plan for a specific amount of time which means that your electric bill will not drastically fluctuate from month to month since your rate will remain the same.
Do I need to contact my current supplier?
You do not need to contact your current supplier before you make the switch to Gulf Electricity. Simply enroll for Gulf Electricity using our online enrollment form, and we'll take care of the rest!

Some suppliers charge early termination fees if you end your contract before the term is over. Make sure you keep this in mind and understand the terms of your current supplier.
Will you notify me before my term expires?
Absolutely. We'll also notify you before your term expires to let you know what rate and term plan you will be renewed into.
Do you offer green options?
Yes, in some states, we offer Gulf Green energy plans which contain 100% renewable energy. In those states and in all other states, our traditional energy plans meet or exceed all state minimum renewable energy requirements.
How do you provide green offerings?
Depending on the state, we provide green offerings in various ways.

In Maine, our Gulf Green contains 100% renewable energy. To offer you this, we purchase Renewable Energy Certificates from renewable resources in Maine such as biomass generators. These generators take organic waste and convert it to energy. Other sources may include solar, wind, geothermal or hydro, to name a few. All RECs that Gulf Electricity purchases are certified and tracked by the New England Power Pool Generation Information System (NEPOOL-GIS). This ensures that the RECs we purchase have been generated in your state and are what is going into your Gulf Green rate.

New Hampshire
And in New Hampshire, our Gulf Green also contains 100% renewable energy. To offer you this, we purchase Renewable Energy Certificates from low impact hydroelectric facilities located on the Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers. These facilities have been certified by the Low Impact Hydro Institute meaning that they meet or surpass the Institute’s standards on water quality, fish passage and protection, threatened and endangered species protection, river flow, watershed protection and much more. Let us put them to work for you!
Can businesses enroll with Gulf Electricity?
Yes. Small businesses using less than 20,000 kWh per month can switch here using our online enrollment form, while larger businesses using more than 20,000 kWh per month can click here to receive a custom pricing quote.
What is the Agent Program?
The Gulf Electricity Agent Program helps your customers save money on their electric bills while expanding your company's product offerings - all at no upfront cost! Our team will work with yours to create a customized Agent Program that speaks directly to your customers, encouraging them to enroll for Gulf Electricity. We'll track each enrollment that comes from your efforts, and give you rewards for every one!
Does Gulf offer customized rate plans for commercial customer?
Gulf Electricity offers custom pricing plans for businesses that use more than 20,000 kWh per month.